Wednesday, June 27, 2012


For the past several days we have been trapped in the house from all the rain Tropical Storm Debby has handed us! At first we needed a lot of rain. It was sooo dry we were having a lot of forest fires. Tropical Storm Bryle gave us some rain first, then Debby came a few weeks later. She has dumped about 15' on our poor town!!! The creeks are flooding into to homes. Roads are washed out and people are stranded and cant get out. It's horrible! I pray for the ones that have gotten it bad.

We are pretty high where we live. I would hope so with it being called "Highland" LOL Here is a few pics of our yard and at the end I will post some pics of roads/bridges that are washed out.

Side of the house

Front yard

Side yard and the pond in the back ground


Pond again

This is about how close it got to the house...not that close. It's all dried up now!!!

the street leading to our driveway

This is a ant ball Jeremy had to take a pic of...LOL It was gross!!!

This is the Middleburg Boat Ramp in one of the nearby towns(someone posted a pic on FB today and you can't even see the rails to the dock :( )

Washed out bridge near the school I work at

same washed out bridge but worse....

This road is the road my sister lives down.
 They said it will probably take 3 weeks before they can reopen County Road 218!!! It's crazy because people have to drive very far to get around to where they need to go. So sad!!! Hoping and praying they get fixed faster than that...geez!!!

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